TaskAdapter 3.8.0 Release Notes

Changes list:

Core - affects all connectors

  • split Assignee field to AssigneeLoginName and AssigneeFullName
  • split Reporter field to ReporterLoginName and ReporterFullName
  • internal: core module was updated to get compile-time type-checks for task field transformations (e.g. Estimated Time in Redmine <==> Estimated Time in Atlassian JIRA). All connectors have been updated accordingly.

User Interface

  • new option for anonymous bug reporting (configurable in the UI)
  • improver error reporting in logs

Atlassian JIRA

  • default JIRA fields for new configs have been updated - not all JIRA projects have “Due Date” or “Estimated Time” fields.


  • support ReporterFullName, ReporterLoginName when loading from Trello
  • better error reporting for Trello (e.g. when a Trello List is not found)

Microsoft Project

  • various minor bugfixes


  • better error messages for Redmine