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    Basecamp support in the works.

    The next Task Adapter release will support Basecamp - one the most popular project management tools out there. We have received enough request to support it, so - stay tuned…

    Upcoming changes in the User Interface

    We admit that the current User Interface is pretty kludgy and inconsistent and we promise to make it better soon! The main usability problem affecting everyone is that the fields mapping panel is pretty illogical and you need to read documentation to figure out what “Remote ID” means on Microsoft Project tab and what exactly checkboxes affect on the fields mapping panels - loading the data from this connector or saving to it?

    Task Adapter 2.0: work in progress

    We're working on the web-based version of Task Adapter. It will have several benefits comparing to the old Eclipse-based application:

      * can run on server and be used by several users * can run "data synchronization" tasks in scheduled mode

    The new version still has a long way to go before it is ready for public review. The current development "snapshot" is almost functional, but ugly and buggy and does not support scheduled tasks transfer.
    Here's how the current UI looks like:
    Feel free to subscribe to the blog news to get updates on the development progress.

    Source code migration from SVN to GIT

    Now when 1.6.0 release is out, it's time to spend some time cleaning up our development infrastructure.
    Step 1 was to migrate the source code from Subversion to GIT. This process took several hours and now all history, code branches, tags - everything is in GIT.
    There was a problem with GIT plugin on our build server (Jenkins CI), which I reported to the developers and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    Open access to our bug tracking / task management system

    Some of you already know you can see Task Adapter's development plans here:
    For example, you can see the release plan for Task Adapter 1.6.0

    We decided not to host our own bug tracker for now, so you need to register directly at if you want to submit a new feature or a bug request.