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    TaskAdapter 3.9.0 - config validation improvements

    “Good news, everyone!” (c). The new TaskAdapter release focuses on improved validation for integration configs.

    TaskAdapter 3.8.2 Release Notes

    Changes list:

    TaskAdapter 3.0.0 release notes

    TaskAdapter 3 is ready. Here are release highlights and main differences from TaskAdapter 2.x.

    TaskAdapter 3 release candidate. MantisBT, GitHub, Microsoft Project connectors

    A release candidate of TaskAdapter 3 is available for download. Changes from the previous build:

    TaskAdapter 2.12.0: bugfixes for “update task” operation in Redmine and Github

    Good news, everyone!

    Task Adapter 2.3: better User Interface

    Task Adapter 2.3 brings important changes in the User Interface.

    First of all, we **combined two task fields mapping panels into one** as promised in the previous blog post. This is a big change and we ask you to try this out and let us know what you think of it.

    Second, we redesigned most of the editors to make them more consistent and usable. We know we still have a long way to go in terms of usability and design, but we hope the new version is easier to use than the old one.

    Other important changes:

    **User Interface.**

      * New start page design. * New "Check for update" feature (manual check for now). * Config filter on the start page to make it easier to find a config there. * A lot of new validations and bugfixes in the UI. * License info panel is moved from "Configure" to "Support" page.

    Task Adapter 2.1.

    Task Adapter 2.1 looks and behaves similarly to version 2.0, but its internals were significantly redesigned for better maintainability and testability.

    The main user-facing changes in 2.1 release are:

    User Interface

      * Many small bugfixes. A major interface improvement is planned for the next version (2.2).

    Task Adapter 1.5.0: Github and MantisBT support

    Task Adapter 1.5.0 is ready for download.