Web-based Task Adapter 2.0 is here. Finally.

We released Task Adapter version 2.0 today. This is a huge step and we hope you will like the new version, which uses the same well-tested data connectors as before, but its User Interface is now web-based instead of the old Eclipse-based desktop application.

This is not a "web-hosted-cloud-style" application. You still need to download and start the software on your machine in order to use it.

We believe the new User Interface is a huge leap forward: it's more user-friendly and gives more freedom, including the possibility to share one Task Adapter installation among multiple users ("server mode" installation).

Please visit our brand-new website: http://www.taskadapter.com to read more about the new version.

Changes in the licensing model:

    * The new version uses a new license format, so old licenses from the desktop version won't work.


    * License price depends on amount of users. One User is a person or an automated software script/program accessing or using Task Adapter in any way. See details in the Task Adapter license agreement.


    * New licenses have expiration dates and the software won't work after that date. If you purchased the desktop-version of Task Adapter, you can still use it forever as we promised. The new licensing scheme does not affect the old product. Although we believe the web-based 2.0.0 gives many advantages and it is worth switching to. The price per year is nothing compared to amount of money and time you'd spend developing, maintaining and improving the same kind of system internally.


Please, let us know what you think about the new Task Adapter release!