Task Adapter 2.4.1: support for Redmine 2.2+ and important bugfix for Microsoft Project

Task Adapter 2.4.1 brings several bugfixes and one minor feature in MantisBT editor.

Microsoft Project.

  • bug fixed: creating tasks in Redmine fails with “parent task is invalid” error in some cases.

MantisBT (Bug Tracker).

  • Support “show saved queries”
  • exported tasks/issues are not related to selected Project/Query ID
  • exceptions when Project Key is not provided


  • “404 not found” error is shown when trying to create an Issue in Redmine without setting a project key
  • change the default “transfer priority” value to “unselected” for Redmine
  • verify that we properly support Redmine 2.2.0+
  • use Redmine Java API 1.18 with the authentication bugfix

User Interface.

  • fields are in a different order in “new config” and “edit config” pages


  • Updated Jetty version to 8.1.8 (this is the embedded webserver used by Task Adapter internally).
  • Updated Vaadin version (web-framework).