Customer's experience of JIRA-Redmine transfer

A quote from a customer:

"We used TaskAdapter for a one-time transfer of several hundreds of issues spread over multiple projects from JIRA to Redmine. Especially the ability to keep the parent-child relations across issues was useful (essential) for us. During the migration we bumped into a few problems, but these were fixed promptly in the next release. For us, the biggest advantage of TaskAdapter over other similar tools is the amount of issue data being preserved during the transfer. Although some data did get lost (like author, comments and attachments) it is still far better than anything else we know. Obviously, the added value of tools like these is the amount of time saved compared to manually migrating from one system to the other. Approximately 4 man-days were saved by using TaskAdapter, which more than justifies its price."

J. Risse - Burke E. Porter Europe