TaskAdapter 3.4 - Scheduled synchronization

TaskAdapter 3.4 brings the most often requested feature: scheduled synchronization.

Scheduled synchronization.

You can define a “schedule” for your synchronization configuration and let TaskAdapter perform one-way or two-way tasks sync in background.
define schedules

Sample “Edit Schedule” dialog: edit schedule

See more information about scheduled sync here

User Interface.

  • Main page now has 3 tabs to separate synchronization configs, schedules and export results.
  • New configuration setting to limit number of export results saved to disk.
  • Regression fixed: config validation errors are shown again in Edit Config page.

view export results


  • added boardId validation before loading from Trello


  • Improved exception handling when loading/saving tasks from/to Redmine.

Other changes

  • Export results are now saved to disk. They are shown in “Results” tab on the main page of web UI.
  • Improved logging
  • More test coverage for recently added connectors (Trello, etc)
  • “tasks created by TaskAdapter” cache is moved from user_home/.taskadapter folder to user_home/.taskadapter/cache