TaskAdapter 3.10.0 release notes

Changes list

  • Fixed a regression in Atlassian Jira authentication. The previous TaskAdapter version added support for
    the new authentication mechanism in Jira 8 and Jira Cloud. Alas, this also introduced a regression that is now fixed.

  • UI changes: the UI is now built on a new UI framework version. New look and feel, slightly new layouts. More changes in the UI layer coming soon.

  • Using a newer embedded Jetty Server (9.4.35), with multiple security and stability fixes.

  • New application packaging mechanism - a single jar file instead of WAR file.

  • Redmine: fixed a bug in the way Redmine URI was resolved in Redmine Java API. This TaskAdapter version uses a new version of Redmine Java API - 3.1.3, see https://github.com/taskadapter/redmine-java-api

  • TaskAdapter now requires Java 14 or newer instead of Java 8. You can download OpenJDK 14+ here: https://jdk.java.net/archive/

  • A few config file structure changes: tasks cache and export results json files have slightly new format.