Integrate Trello and Atlassian JIRA - step by step guide

TaskAdapter is a stand-alone application that transfers tasks between various task management systems (see list of supported systems). TaskAdapter supports Trello - a popular task management system.

Download and install TaskAdapter

First, Download TaskAdapter application and follow simple installation steps. This will only take couple minutes. Once you have TaskAdapter app running on your computer, proceed to the next step.

Configure Task Adapter for Trello integration

You will need the following info to use Trello with TaskAdapter:

  • Trello user name - can be found in your Trello Profile
  • Api key - shown on
  • Token - create it on Trello site: - see “manually generate a Token” link near the top of that Trello web page, then click “Allow” on the next Trello page (screenshot): trello-generate-token-allow

Once you collected Trello credentials, you can create a new TaskAdapter synchronization config for Trello and your other system - say, Atlassian JIRA.

Create a new “synchronization config”

A “synchronization config” is a concept in TaskAdapter app that links two systems together. Here we will use Trello and Atlassian JIRA, but it can be any combination among supported systems.

Start by clicking “New config” on TaskAdapter app home page: new-config

You can select Trello as your first system. trello-atlassian-jira-integrate-step-1

Note - it does not matter if you want to load tasks from Trello or save to it, or both - the order of systems in your TaskAdapter config is not important, you can always export from/to either system. You can configure Atlassian JIRA first and Trello afterwards.
Anyway, let’s start with Trello first.

Fill out Trello credentials


See previous chapter on how to find your Trello user name, api key and token.

Select and configure your other system - Atlassian JIRA


Save the new synchronization config

Give it an optional description, like “My Epic tasks in open status” and save your TaskAdapter synchronization config. taskadapter-save-config

Sample fields mapping between Trello and Atlassian JIRA

Sample task fields mapping between Trello and Atlassian JIRA. Here Atlassian JIRA “Task status” field is mapped to “List name” in Trello, so for example tasks in “To Do” status in JIRA can be saved to Trello list with name “To Do” (which you need to create manually in Trello for now).


Note that not all JIRA projects support all fields. E.g. a sample default “Scrum” JIRA project template will not have “Due date” field. But a full-scale development project will have it. You will need to check what fields your JIRA project has to make sure field mappings make sense for your specific case.

Now click on the button representing your Trello system for the next step. configure trello board

Configure Trello board

Select a Trello board where your tasks will be created configure-trello-board

Configure Atlassian JIRA project and query id

Select your Atlassian JIRA project where tasks will be saved to. Also, the current TaskAdapter version requires JIRA Query ID (Filter ID) to load data from JIRA. Once you have a search filter in JIRA available to your JIRA account, you can select it in TaskAdapter “Configure JIRA” dialog. configure-atlassian-jira

Export tasks from JIRA to Trello - confirmation step


Export result - tasks are created in Trello.

Trello board view: trello-board

Now save updated Trello tasks back to Atlassian JIRA

Once you updated some tasks in Trello, let’s send updates back to JIRA. trello-confirm-export-back-to-jira

And now you can see your updated tasks in JIRA. tasks-updated-in-atlassian-jira